"Behold the Emperor of Woe!"
 Spurgeon, on the love of Christ

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How often do we mingle sulphur with our incense!

(Charles Spurgeon)

This is a strong expression—but most sadly true. When we offer prayer, is there not at times a sorrowful mixture of self-will, petulance, and impatience? Does not unbelief, which is quite as obnoxious as brimstone, too often spoil the sweet fragrance of our supplications? When we offer praise, is it all pure spices from the heavenly apothecary? Do not self-conceit and pride, frequently spoil the holy frankincense and myrrh? Alas! we fear that the charge must lie against us, and force us to a sorrowful confession!

As the priests of God, our whole life should be the presentation of holy incense unto God—and yet it is not so. The worldly ambitions and carnal lustings of our hearts, deteriorate and adulterate the spices of our lives! And Satan, with the sulphur of pride, ruins the delicate perfume of perfect consecration.

What astounding grace does the Lord display—in accepting our poor, imperfect offerings! What rich merit abides in our Lord Jesus! What sweet fragrance beyond expression dwells in Him—to drown and destroy our foul sulphurous offerings, and to make us accepted in the Beloved! Glory be unto our glorious High Priest, whose perfect life and sin-atoning death, is so sweet—that the Holy Judge is well pleased with us for His righteousness' sake—and accepts us in Him, even with our sulphurous incense!