He became sick on Saturday—and died on Monday!

(Letters of John Newton)

Dear friend,
Two people who were well the day you left us—have since died. One of them has already been buried—he was a poor ungodly creature, suddenly cut off in the prime of life! The other man was young, jovial, jesting and thoughtless. He became sick on Saturday—and died on Monday!

Oh, my friend, what do we owe to the grace of God—that we were not cut off in the days of our ignorance—as so many others have been!

Blessed be God for Jesus Christ—He is exalted to "save to the uttermost!" That word 'uttermost' has an extensive meaning—it includes a conquest over all difficulties, and a supply of all that is necessary! How totally, and how often, would I have been lost—had not Jesus engaged to save me to the uttermost! And many a time I would have given up all hope—but for that text, "He is able to save to the uttermost!" "To the uttermost" reaches to all possible circumstances. He can . . .
  enlighten the most ignorant,
  soften the most obdurate,
  support the most tempted,
  comfort the most distressed,
  pardon the most guilty!

Oh, may His precious name be engraved upon our hearts, and sound sweeter than music to our ears—for He has loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and will save us to the uttermost—in defiance of . . .
  all our sins,
  all our fears and
  all our enemies!