The golden key, and the iron lock

(William Secker, "The Consistent Christian" 1660)

He who is Omniscient—to know your needs,
is also Omnipotent—to grant your requests.

"Ask, and receive—that your joy may be full."

Spiritual supplication is the channel to consolation.

Now none are more fruitful in divine labor—than
those who are most joyful under a sense of the
divine favor.

Death shortens our way to heaven—but
prayer sweetens our way to heaven.

There never was one new-born soul—who was still-born.

The prayerless soul—is a fruitless soul. The waters of life
are sweet—and it is blessed to bring the vessels of prayer
to these wells. It matters not, how often you carry your
empty pitcher—to so full a river!

Christians will never lack a praying time—if they possess
a praying frame. In the morning, prayer is a golden key
—to open the heart for God's service; and in the evening,
prayer is an iron lock—to guard the heart against sin.