Such a brat of hell as I!

(John Warburton)

Some will talk wonderfully about the Doctrines of Grace, but have never known what it is to water the Throne of grace with their tears—that God the Holy Spirit would cause His doctrines to drop as the rain, and His still small voice to distill in their souls as the dew. Poor things! They know nothing about these things by soul experience, for they are hidden from these wise and learned professors, and only revealed unto babes. The dear Savior thanked His Father that this was the case: "I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned—and revealed them to babes. Yes, Father, because this was Your good pleasure." Matthew 11:25-26

And why, O my soul, are you not among them? Is it because you have merited His favor more than they? O no! It is because it pleased the God and Father of all mercies and all comfort, that it should be so! Blessings and honors be unto You, O holy Father—that ever Your love and choice was fixed upon such a brat of hell as I!