A worm, a gnat, a fly, a hair, a seed of a raison, a skin of a grape Re: A Cabinet of Jewels, Chapters one and two Devils in their homes!

(Thomas Brooks, "A Cabinet of Choice Jewels" 1669)

A true Christian will endeavor to obey God in relative
. He will not only hear, and pray, and read, and
meditate, and fast, and mourn--but he will labor to
be godly in domestic relationships.

Remember this forever--everyone is that in reality,
which he is at home.
Many make a great profession,
and have great abilities and gifts, and can discourse well
on any pious subject--whose homes are not little heavens,
but little hells. Some are very much like angels in public,
saints in the church, and devils in their homes!

Domestic graces and duties do better demonstrate true
piety and godliness, than public or general duties do. For
pride, vain-glory, self-ends, and a hundred other outward
carnal considerations, may put a man upon the general duties
of religion. But it argues both truth and strength of grace, to
be diligent and conscientious in the discharge of domestic