God would be voted out of the world

(Thomas Boston, "Human Nature in its Fourfold State")

"Haters of God." Romans 1:30

"The carnal mind is enmity against God." Romans 8:7

Men set up for themselves, an idol of their own fancy,
instead of the true God, and then fall down and worship it.

Every natural man is an enemy to God—as He is revealed in
His word. The infinitely holy, just, powerful, and true God—is
not the God whom he loves, but the God whom he loathes!  
The Pagans finding that they could not be like God in holiness,
made their gods like themselves in filthiness; and thereby they
show what sort of a god the natural man would have. God is
holy; can an unholy creature love His unspotted holiness?

There is not a man, who is wedded to his lusts—as all the
unregenerate are—but would desire to blot out the God of
justice. Can the malefactor love his condemning judge?
Can an unjustified sinner love a just God? No, he cannot!

Men naturally would rather have a blind idol—than the
all-seeing God. They no more love the all-seeing, every
where present God—than the thief loves to have the judge
witness to his evil deeds. If it could be carried by votes,
God would be voted out of the world; for the language
of the carnal heart is, "The Lord does not see us. The Lord
has abandoned the earth." Ezekiel 8:12

Every unrenewed man an enemy to the true God.

"They say unto God—Leave us alone! We have
 no desire to know Your ways!" Job 21:14