For His poor Rachel What a mercy, then, to be stripped of all

("The Marvelous Riches of Savoring Christ,
The letters of Ruth Bryan
" December, 1850)

I must confess that God generally deals very contrary
to my expectations. Yet "He does all things well." It is
"Sweet to lie passive in His hands,
 And know no will but His."

I have proved . . .
  my own strength to be complete weakness,
  my own wisdom to be consummate folly,
  my own righteousness to be filthy rags.

What a mercy, then, to be stripped of all,
and have . . .
  Christ for wisdom,
  Christ for righteousness,
  Christ for strength,
  Christ for purity,
  Christ for power,
  Christ for beauty,
  Christ for holiness,
  Christ for acceptance above,
  Christ for our daily walk,
  Christ for our daily work,
  Christ for rest,
  Christ for food,
  Christ for medicine!
Yes, to know nothing among men or before
God--but Jesus crucified and glorified!

To His loving heart and powerful arm I
again commend you for all your needs.

Yours affectionately,