Our works are all broken and faulty

("The Marvelous Riches of Savoring Christ,
The letters of Ruth Bryan" 1805-1860)

As long as we look to 'our evidences' for comfort,
we shall be full of disquiet, for we discover . . .
  such weakness in our faith,
  such wavering in our hope,
  such coldness in our love,
  yes, such shortcoming in everything,
that we cannot find here any rest for the sole
of our foot, as regards spiritual confidence.

It must be all in Christ! "He is the rock, and
His work is perfect," while our works are all
broken and faulty
. Oh! may the blessed Spirit
set your feet upon this Rock, and establish your
goings there. May He enable you to make the
venture of faith, just as you are, with wants
and woes, sins and fears.

The bitten Israelites were not healed by looking
at their wounds--but at the brazen serpent, which
was a type of Christ. And so while you are poring
over your sins and yourself you will only sink lower!

May the blessed Spirit enable you to look forth
with the eye of faith to the Lamb slain, and to
come away from self and all besides--to Jesus!

Oh that I could so speak of the worthy Lamb as
to set your heart on fire with love to Him and
longing after Him! Adieu, dear friend. The Lord
bless you, and in His own time strengthen,
establish, and settle you.

With kind love in our adorable Emmanuel, I remain,
though most unworthy, yours affectionately,
Ruth Bryan