Morning devotion

(James Alexander, "My Brother's Keeper" 1838)

The habit of early rising is surely a friend to the soul.
If it is the best time for study, it is also the best time
for devotion. When prayer and praise are neglected
in the morning, they are commonly neglected all day.
If you let the world get the start of your soul in the
morning, you will seldom overtake it all day.

Morning devotion . . .
  sweetens every succeeding hour,
  pours a balm on the conscience,
  gives a pleasant savor to business,
  locks the door against wicked thoughts,
  furnishes matter for pious reflection all the day.

It is better to go from prayer to business--than from
business to prayer. Fellowship with God prepares for
fellowship with our fellow creatures--and for every
event, whether pleasing or painful.