Who can enumerate?

(Lewis Bayly, "The Practice of Piety--Directing a
Christian how to live, that he may please God" 1611)

Oh, with what a body of sin are you compassed
about, in this world of wickedness!

What are your eyes--but windows to behold vanities?

What are your ears--but flood-gates to let in the
streams of iniquity?

What are your senses--but matches to give fire
to your lusts?

What is your heart--but the anvil whereon Satan
has forged the ugly shape of all lewd affections?

You see in daily experience, that . . .
  he who was rich yesterday, is today a beggar;
  he who yesterday was in health, today is sick;
  he who yesterday was merry and laughing,
      has cause today to mourn and weep;
  he who yesterday was in favor, today is in disgrace;
  and he who yesterday was alive, today is dead!
And you know not how soon, nor in what manner
you shall die yourself!

Who can enumerate . . .
  the losses,
  the crosses,
  the griefs,
  the disgraces,
  the sicknesses,
  the calamities,
which are incident to sinful man?