He secretly wishes there was no Supreme Being

(J. A. James, "Dislike to Ministerial Faithfulness
 Stated and Explained

The fool says in his heart, "There is no God!"
     (Psalm 14:1)

His sinful disposition is at deadly enmity with the
perfection of the Divine character. The holiness of
God is the object of his abhorrence--as long as this
exists he cannot be at perfect peace. The rays of Divine
purity, as often as they fall upon his disordered mind,
must disturb and exasperate it. He secretly wishes
there was no Supreme Being
--or that He was not holy.
If his powers were equal to his desires, he would . . .
  wrest the sword of justice from the hand of Deity,
  strip the character of Jehovah of the beauties of holiness,
  dash in pieces the tables of His law,
  overturn the throne of judgment,
  and establish the reign of anarchy,
in order that he might sin in peace, and escape the
punishment of his wickedness!

The very existence of a holy God is, and ever must be, an
annoyance to him, in whose mind there are combined . . .
  the love of sin,
  a dread of its consequences, and
  a wish to be unmolested in his course of iniquity.