Satan's Vicar

(John Angell James, "Christian Hope" 1859)

The three great works of the devil are . . .
  and Popery.

The Mohammedan power, symbolized in the book of the
Apocalypse by the "false Prophet," is, with the Papal Beast,
to be cast into the lake which burns with brimstone and fire.

We are aware of the dreadful nature of Popery. We regard
Popery as
the masterpiece of Satanic deceit and malice
--his richest trophy, and his proudest triumph. The Pope is
more Satan's Vicar, than that of Christ, upon earth. And
the Vatican his chosen seat of dominion among men.

Idolatry was a prominent Satanic invention. Mohammedanism
was a mighty stretch of diabolical craft. But Popery transcends
both! The other two were devices outside the pale of Christianity
--Popery is within it. They opposed Christianity--Popery corrupts it.
They try to destroy it--Popery goes far to make it destroy itself!