They slay their own children!

(J. A. James, "To Young Mothers")

A mother should never forget that those little engaging
creatures which play about the room so gaily and so
innocently, with all the unconsciousness of childhood, are
young immortals--beings destined to eternity--creatures
placed on earth on probation for heaven--and that much
will depend upon her
, whether the everlasting ages shall
be spent by them in torment--or in bliss!

This is an overwhelming thought!

All should realize the sublime idea that . . .
  their houses are the schools for eternity;
  their children the scholars;
  themselves the teachers; and
  evangelical religion the lesson.

Those parents who neglect the religious education
of their children, whatever else they may impart,
are more guilty than Herod!

He slew the children of others,
they slay their own children!

He slew only the body,
they slay the soul!

He slew them by hired assassins,
they slay their children themselves!

We shudder at the cruelties of those who sacrificed
their babes to Moloch. But how much more dreadful
an immolation do they practice, who offer up their
sons and daughters to Satan
, by neglecting the
education of their souls, and leaving them to grow
up in ignorance of God and their eternal destiny!

Mothers! Your religion, if it is genuine, will teach you
at once the greatness of the work, and your own
insufficiency to perform it aright in your own strength.
Your business is to train immortal beings for God,
heaven, and eternity!