A ball, a concert, a festivity, a party!

(J. A. James, "Female Piety--The Young Woman's
 Guide Through Life to Immortality")

Some of you are bent upon present worldly enjoyment.
The apostle has described your taste and your pursuits
where he says, "Lovers of pleasure more than lovers
of God.
" Ponder that description. Does it not startle and
horrify you? Lovers of parties, of the dance and the song,
of the gay scene and frivolous chat--more than God!

Just look at this thought in all its naked deformity. A ball,
a concert, a festivity, a party
--loved more than God! Not
to love God at all for higher objects than these--for science,
literature, fame, rank, wealth--is a dreadful state of mind!
But to neglect and despise God for scenes of frivolity,
mirth, and pleasure--is it not shocking?

Did you ever yet seriously reflect thus--"What a dreadful
heart I must have--which can love pleasure, but cannot
love God!"

Consider what this desire for pleasure will do for you . . .
  in the hour of sickness,
  in the scenes of poverty,
  in the season of calamity,
  in the agonies of death,
  in the bottomless pit?