The first book they read

(J. A. James, "A Help to Domestic Happiness")

"Train up a child in the way he should go."
    Proverbs 22:6

Education in modern parlance, means nothing
more than instruction, or the communication of
knowledge to the mind; and a good education
means, the opportunity of acquiring all kinds
of learning, science, and what are called

But properly speaking, education in the true
and higher import of the term, means . . .
  the implanting of right dispositions,
  the cultivation of the heart,
  the guidance of the temper,
  the formation of the character.

The most important part of education is that
which relates to the communication of godly
, and the formation of moral habits.

You educate your children by . . .
  your example,
  your conversations,
  your likings and dislikings,
  your home life,
  your daily behavior,
these, these will educate them!

You began educating your children the moment they
were capable of forming an idea. This unconscious
education is of more constant and powerful effect,
and of far more consequence than that which is
direct and apparent. This education goes on at
every instant of time. It goes on like time--you
can neither stop it nor turn its course.

Your children may read many books, but the first
book they read
, and that which they continue to
read, and by far the most influential--is that of
their parents' example and daily deportment.