The sovereign ruler of the world!

(Jonathan Edwards, "The Final Judgment")

Wicked men question the very existence
of God, who takes care of the world, who
orders the affairs of it, and judges in it.
And therefore they cast off the fear of God.
Yet at the conclusion of the world He shall
make His dominion visible to all, so that
even those who have denied Him shall find,
that God is their supreme Lord, and Lord of
the whole world! The blasphemies of the
ungodly will be forever put to silence.

God is the sovereign ruler of the world!

He governs the sun, moon, and stars.
He governs even the motes of dust
which fly in the air. Not a hair of our
heads falls to the ground without
our heavenly Father.

God also governs the brute creatures. By His
providence, He orders, according to His own
decrees, all events concerning those creatures.

And rational creatures are subject to the His
government. All their actions, and all events
relating to them, being ordered by superior
providence, according to absolute decrees, so
that no event that relates to them ever happens
without the disposal of God, according to His
own decrees.

God exercises the most sovereign dominion
over the earth. He reigns and does all things
according to His own will, ordering all events
as seems good to Himself.

God is the sovereign ruler of the world!