They are ready to knock him on the head!

(Excerpts from a letter of William Tiptaft)

My dear Brother,
If the Bible is true, the only good investment
is giving money to the poor. That is safe; it is
money put out on the best security, as being
lent to the Lord. And what a good thing it is to
make a good use of money, while so many spend
nearly all they have on their selfish desires,
fancies, and lusts!

We all love the world more than we think!

"Spare yourself!" is written very deeply in our hearts.

We love the poor children of God less than we think;
for deeds, not words, come closest to the heart.

It is easier to preach, than to practice.

What a dreadful thing it is, to have the curse
of a covetous heart!

"The love of money is the root of all evil," and
sticks to one's heart like the flesh to the skin!

If any one at all despises money, the devil and
the world are in such a fight with him, that they
are ready to knock him on the head
, and will
abuse him for being a fool, or a madman!

Yours very sincerely and affectionately,
William Tiptaft, April 18th, 1838