A soporific influence?

(by Horatius Bonar)

"Let us not sleep as others do." 1 Thes. 5:6

We all have a tendency to slumber.

As the disciples, both on the transfiguration
hill and in Gethsemane, fell asleep, so do we
in the most solemn circumstances and times.

The atmosphere of earth seems loaded with
slumberous vapors. This present evil world
exercises a soporific influence.

Satan, its god, the prince of the power of
the air, does all he can to lull us asleep.

It is a struggle to keep awake.

Hence the necessity for the solemn and
startling words "awake," "arise," "watch."

Be ever on your guard, as sentinels at their
post; as watchmen on the towers of some
beleaguered fort; as seamen navigating
some difficult stream with windings, and
sand banks, and rapids; or as servants
sitting up at night to wait for their master's

"What I say unto you, I say unto all, watch."

"Be vigilant, for your adversary the devil
 walks about as a roaring lion, seeking
 whom he may devour."

In the midst of a heedless world and an
unwatchful church, how needful the perpetual
warning, "Watch." And all the more as we see
the day approaching. The more that we see a
world "sleeping;" or wasting its hours in vanity,
and pleasure, and lust, and gaiety, the more
let us feel the necessity for resisting the wide
spread influence, and keeping awake.

"Let us not sleep as others do." 1 Thes. 5:6