I was a poor, lost creature

(Stephen Tyng, "Practical Meditations")

Of all the blessings which I have received,
surely the most inestimable is the gift of
Divine redemption. I have been purchased
by the death of Christ! I was a poor, lost
, sold under sin, when He opened
my prison doors, and let me go free!

What a mercy was then granted to me!

When I look . . .
  at the sorrow and darkness which I have escaped;
  at the misery from which I have been delivered;
  at the glories which are laid up for me;
  at the love which has accomplished all,
how thankful ought I to be!

I have an eternal home and an inheritance above!

There my Savior will rejoice over me forever!

It is a mystery of grace. My heart ought always
to bless God for the boundless consolation.

If the world neglects me or reviles me, it is of
little consequence. God my Savior loves me!