(John MacDuff, "The Immutability of Christ" 1874)

"Behold! I have engraved you on the palms
 of My hands!"  Isaiah 49:16

"Behold," says Immutable One, "I have engraved
you on the palms of My hands." Not on the mountains,
colossal as they are, for they shall depart; on no page
of nature's vast volume, for the last fires shall scorch
them; not on blazing sun, for he shall grow dim with
age; not on glorious heavens, for they shall be folded
together as a scroll. But on . . .
  the hand which made the worlds,
  the hand which was transfixed on Calvary,
  the hand of might and love;

I have engraved you there! No corroding power
can efface the writing, or obliterate your name!

You are Mine now, and Mine forever!

"Behold! I have engraved you on the palms
 of My hands!"  Isaiah 49:16