God's dealings with a sin slain race!

(Henry Law, "Numbers" 1858)

"Buds will sprout on the rod belonging to
the man I choose
. . . When he went into the
Tabernacle of the Covenant the next day, Moses
found that Aaron's rod, representing the tribe of
Levi, had budded, blossomed, and produced
" (see Numbers 17:1-8)

The twelve rods at first seem all alike. They are all
sapless twigs. The same grove saw their birth. Man's
eye sees but one likeness in their dry forms. But
suddenly one puts forth loveliness; while the others
still remain worthless and withered. Here is a picture
of God's dealings with a sin slain race!

Since Adam's fall, all are born lifeless branches of
a withered stock. Many abide so, and thus pass as
fuel to the quenchless fire.

But in a chosen remnant, a new birth occurs.

The grave sprouts into life.

The sapless put forth buds.

Blossoms appear.

Fruit ripens.

Whence is the difference? It is not
nature's work. No dry stick can restore
itself. No 'withered helplessness' can
deck itself with verdure. This cannot be.

When any man arises from the death of sin,
and blooms in grace, God has arisen with
divine almightiness.

Free, sovereign love decrees rebirth.

Boundless power achieves it.

What is its voice of the Budded Rod to
unregenerate worldlings? Alas! these are a
forest of sticks, wholly dry. The curse, which
fell on Eden's garden, blasted their nature
to the core. Thus withered they were born.
Thus withered they continue.

What will their end be?

That end draws near. What then awaits them?
Can they be beams and rafters in the palace of
heaven's King! Oh, no!

The decree is sure. Faithfulness has warned.
Almighty power will execute. "That, which bears
thorns and briers, is rejected, and is near unto
cursing, whose end is to be burned." Heb. 6:8.