God remembers!

(Bonar, "Human Heedlessness; Divine Remembrance")

"They do not realize that I remember all their
 evil deeds. Their sins engulf them; they are
 always before Me." Hosea 7:2

What is sin? It is not . . .
  an accident,
  nor an imprudence,
  nor a misfortune,
  nor a disease,
  nor a weakness.
It may be all these, perhaps; but it is something
beyond all these; something of a more fatal and
terrible character.

Sin is guilt. Sin is crime.

Man's tendency is either to deny, or to extenuate
sin. He either pleads not guilty, or he smoothes
over the evil; giving it specious names.

Or if he does not succeed in these, he casts the
blame off himself; he shifts the responsibility to . . .
  his nature,
  his birth,
  his circumstances,
  his education;
  even to God himself!

But human sin is not thus to be diluted or
transformed into a shadow. It is infinitely
real; true; deep; terrible in the eyes of
Him with whom we have to do.

Let us not trifle with sin, either in the conscience
or the intellect. Let us learn its true nature from
the terribleness of the wrath and condemnation
threatened by God against every sin, great or small.

God remembers our sins!

His memory never fails in anything.
Nothing escapes it, great or small.
Nothing effaces anything from it.
Time does not efface it.
Ages blot out nothing.
The past is as clear and full as the present.
Other events do not efface it.
Our own forgetfulness will not efface it.

Our memory and God's are very different.
Our forgetfulness does not make Him forget.

Though man should forget, God remembers; and
He can call up sin to remembrance. It will and
must come up at last. Men may try to forget it;
to drown all thought of it; to efface all traces of
it; but it will come up!

God remembers!

Nothing can make Him forget.

He may seem to do so; but it is only seeming.

God remembers...
  the person;
  the time;
  the circumstances;
  the thing itself;
  public or secret.

God remembers our sins!

"God does not remember sin!" is the world's great motto!

"They do not realize that I remember all their
 evil deeds. Their sins engulf them; they are
 always before Me." Hosea 7:2