A worldly spirit?

(Hannah More, "Periodical Religion")

Do not consider a worldly spirit as a little
infirmity; as a natural, and therefore a
pardonable weakness; as a trifling error,
which will be overlooked for the sake of
our many good qualities.

A worldly spirit is, in fact, the essence of our
other faults, the temper that stands between
us and our salvation, the spirit which is in direct
opposition to the Spirit of God.

Individual sins may more easily be cured, but a
worldly spirit is the principle of all spiritual disease.

A worldly spirit, where it is rooted and cherished,
runs through the whole character, insinuates itself
in all we say, and think, and do. It is this which
makes us so dead in religion, so averse to spiritual
things, so forgetful of God, so unmindful of eternity.