It entwines him with its deadly windings?

(Sprague, "Lectures to Young People," revised)

How insidious is sin! People are beguiled by
sin, and do not think of the danger until it is
too late to avert it!

From small and almost imperceptible beginnings,
sin gradually makes its way, until it reduces the
whole person to its mastery, and brings into
captivity every affection and faculty of the soul!

Sin first throws out the bait of 'pleasure' and then
flatters its victim onto forbidden ground. Then it
makes him the willing captive of temptation. Sin
does not give up until its dupe is fast bound in
the chains of eternal death!

Sin, in its very nature, is deceitful. It is a
stranger to all open and honest dealings.
Its very element is the region of . . .
  false appearances,
  lying promises, and
  fatal snares!

When sin shows itself to its unwary victim,
it puts on a smiling countenance, and makes
fair pretentions, and takes care to conceal
its hideous features, until, like a serpent,
it entwines him with its deadly windings,
and renders his escape impossible, and
consigns his soul to destruction!