Seductive scenes of giddiness and mirth?

(Stephen Tyng, "Christ is All")

The true Christian is no longer devoted to
this perishing world! There was a time, when
the pleasures of the world attracted him,
and he loved them. The seductive scenes
of giddiness and mirth invited his affections,
and he yielded to their influence.

He now recalls, with shame, the low and
groveling disposition which made him stoop
to such pursuits.

The enchantments of the world once seemed
to him of vast importance and worth. He did
not think of the inevitable end of such things.
The danger of the everlasting ruin of his soul
never caused him to hesitate in his vain pursuit.

And yet, while he loved the pleasures; and
eagerly sought the gains of this world;
  the trouble which they required in the obtaining,
  their cares and losses,
  the uncertainty which attended their possession,
  the emptiness which came after their enjoyment,
constantly harassed him, and more than counterbalanced
all the gains the world could give.

He now sees the exceeding folly of this futile system of life.

He is ashamed to think that he ever been such a
slave, and risked his eternal soul, for that which
he knew, must eventually leave him and perish.